A piece of research confirms that the way men and women feel at the beginning of their marriage makes a difference to its eventual outcome. Those who feel disappointed, perhaps because marriage itself is different from their expectations, or because their lifestyle is not what they had envisaged, are more likely to divorce. What is the best heading for the paragraph?
The benefits of avoiding arguments
The consequences of early dissatisfaction
The importance of honest communication
The real predictor for a lasting marriage
After a slight increase in 1998, profits have dropped back ______ their 1997 level. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a report.
Alongside these developments in society and sociology, family life has become a topic of political debate. Politicians have become somewhat more willing to comment on families. Sometimes they have devised policies to try to deal with perceived problems surrounding the family. In short, the family has come to be seen as more problematic than it was in the past. The controversies that have come to surround families and households are the subject of this chapter.What is the best heading for the paragraph?
Families: then and now
Family development
Political families
The government reaction
Although the media frequently reports on things like the building of moon hotels and provides images of a typical moon holiday resort, I doubt whether these are ______ speculative. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
anything more than
so much
Among all cultures, in ancient or modern times, it has never been good form to refuse the offer of food or drink. Around the world, to accept such an offer is considered an act of common politeness, whether one wants it or not. Among the nomadic Bedouins of the desert, it has always been considered a serious breach of etiquete to ride up to the front of a family’s tent without stopping and eating their bread. People everywhere are offended when a guest ______.
doesn’t eat or drinking anything
doesn’t like eating bread
offers food or drink to the host
wants to eat or drink too much
As soon as guests arrived in the home of an ncient Greek host servants brought in vases of water so they might freshen themselves. After the guests had washed their hands and feet, they stood around gossiping until summoned to dinner. Water was provided serval times during the course of the meal for washing the hands. In an ancient Greek home, guests were expected to ______.
let the host wash their hands and feet
symbolically wash a servant’s hands and feet
wash each other’s hands and feet
wash their hands and feet more than once
Between March and August this figure ______ stable but in September there was a sudden rise in membership numbers. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a report.
check_box remained
Children can be introduced to musical concepts like pitch and rhythm ______ a number of activities: dancing, singing and playing instruments are all appropriate and enjoyable. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
check_box through
Computer software market becomes ______ crowded. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a report.
Conventional wisdom states that the father’s sperm is the main determination of the child’s gender, but recent research has begun to reveal a number of other possible determing factors. People used to think that the father was responsible for the sex of the baby.
Egyptians were welcomed to a dinner party by a special servant, who put oil on their heads and washed their hands. Sometimes the process was repeated during the course of the dinner.Eguptian families had ______ to deal with guests.
a special servant
some oil
their hands
File miles beyond the hills were a fire with its flames reaching up to the sky.Choose the letter of the underlined word or group of words that is not correct.
First, First Nations people cut the skin off a dead animal, such as a deer or buffalo. Next, they would nail, or stake, the skin into the ground. Then, they scraped off the fur with tools made from rocks, bones, or metal. What can be inferred about First Nations people?
They lived in cities.
They lived outdoors.
They sold the hides.
They used tools.
For centuries, the English Oak was the most commonly found tree in England’s forests. Old English coins had pictures of its leaves on their sides. Englishmen used oak wood to build boats, houses, churches, and wine barrels. Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “commonly”?
For these reasons ______ strongly that immunisation programmes should not be obligatory and that the individual should have the right to choose whether or not to participate. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
check_box I feel
personally speaking
according to me
in my opinion
Gender selection – the choosing of a baby’s gender prior to birth – occurs in many parts of the world. In China and India, for example, a baby’s gender is considered to be of vital importance to the family. Mothers in India eat cereals for breakfast so that they will have male babies.
How many more people are needed to from the team that the people are discussing?  01606_Nghe1_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]C6BFEA989FF01C22CDB73A52BE4812C2[/audio]
check_box 2
I ______ to complain about the holiday I booked in ABC Citybreaks to Bramville.Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a letter.
am writing
was writing
will write
I got married when I was 26 and my husband 28. It was a whirlwind romance and although my friends and family said they were delighted, they were also clearly shocked at the speed of events. Although marriage is usually part of a predictable progression within a relationship, for us to do something so ordinary seemed out-of-the-ordinary, partly because noen of our friends had plans to settle down but mostly because neither had we until we met each other. The writer was surprised at her own decision to marry in her twenties.
I look forward ______ from you soon.Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a letter.
to hear
to hearing
I suffered from obsessive and agonising thoughts. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best paraphrases the given sentence.
As a prey, I suffered from obsessive and agonising thoughts.
I used to prey on obsessive and agonising thoughts.
Obsessive and agonising thoughts made me their prey.
Obsessive and agonising thoughts were prey to me.
If you would like to have a son, it might be a good idea to eat a breakfast that includes cereal. On the other hand, if you would prefer to give birth to a daughter, then cut out breakfast and continue a weight reduction diet at least until after conception. Some people think that drinking tea has an effect on the sex of a baby.
In ______ it is a luxurious hotel, the price are reasonable. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a letter.
despite the fact
spite of
spite of the fact that
In 1900, they started selling the beautiful objects they made. Tourists who came to visit Navajo Pueblos bought them. At first, only men worked with silver, but now women also participate. The words “participate” is closest in meaning to ______.
buy beautiful objects
celebrate the success
decorate their places
work with silver
In 1905 he was sent to Paris as an apprentice to an art dealer, and in the years that followed he witnessed the birth of Cubism, discovered primitive art, and learned the techniques of woodcarving from a frame maker.The word “witnessed” is closest in meaning to ______.
In ancient Rome, as guests were being seated, servants draped the members of the dinner party with a wreath of flowers and offered them a goblet of wine.Ancient Romans would wear a ______ as they ate.
beautiful hat
goblet of wine
small napkin
wreath of floweres
In my view, there is much that can be done to ______ the problem constructively. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
In one experiment, Elissa Cameron changed the blood sugar level of female mice prior to conception by putting a chemical in the animals’ water. Elissa Cameron used both humans and mice in her research.
In the UK, male births are falling by 1 per 1,000 births per year. This could be ascribed to the decline in the number of adults and adolescent girls eating breakfast on a regular basis. People in the United Kingdom often do not eat breakfast.
In this way they become familiar with music and, if well guided, go on to enjoy all kinds of music ______ the rest of their lives. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
check_box throughout
In winter, it is important for birds to keep warm at night and conserve precious food reserves. The word “conserve” is closest in meaning to ______.
Income tax has gone up ______ 30% to 40%. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a report.
It was the coldest winter they had ever had. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best paraphrases the given sentence.
The winter there was much colder than here.
They had never felt so cold in the winter.
They had never had a colder winter.
Winter is the coldest season they have.
John Muir founded the Sierra Club, the nation’s first group of people’s who were environmental activities.Choose the letter of the underlined word or group of words that is not correct.
first group
John was too ill to go to work. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best paraphrases the given sentence.
It’s too weak for John to go to work.
John was not good at going to work.
John was not well enough to go to work.
John was too tired of going work when he is ill.
Now active globally in the fight against poverty, Oxfam International started life as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief back in 1942. At that time, the people of Greece were suffering serious economic hardship and Oxfam campaigned to get food shipment sent. The organisation grew and its shops, selling second-hand goods to raise funds for programmes in developing countries, became a familiar sight on the streets of the UK. Why is Oxfam first formed?
To fight poverty around the world
To help people suffering in Greece
To make money from second-hand goods
To protest against government policy
People have always exploited animals for food and clothing, whilst farmers have brought ever-increasing areas of land under cultivation. Whether this process should continue is a question that requires careful ______. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
Peotry is a style of writing in which short lines form verses. Often, words at the end of these lines rhyme, like ‘bed’ and ‘red.’ We call a group of verses about one subject a ‘poem.’ Prose writing does not have verses, nor does it rhyme. It uses sentences and paragraphs. What does the word “it” refer to?
Plant proteins tend to have few amino acids than proteins from animal sources.Choose the letter of the underlined word or group of words that is not correct.
animal sources
Prose fiction has existed since ancient times, but most early fiction was actually written as poetry. Scholars disagree about the date of the first prose fiction book, or novel. Some scholars classify fictional stories from ancient Greece and Rome as the earliest novels. Others claim there were novels in Asia as early as the 6th century. What can be inferred from the passage?
Poetic fiction has bot neen around since ancient times.
Prose fiction has been popular since long ago.
The date of the earliest know novel is not easy to determine.
The date of the earliest known novel is sixth century.
Reorganised in 1995 to enable better international co-operation, Oxfam International is involved in a wide range of issues, such as trade, education and emergency work, with the aim of creating a fairer world and ensuring people enjoy basic human rights. The organisation was reformed in 1995 so that it could ______.
become well known in the UK
get involved in lots of different issues
start to help in emergencies
work better in a global context
Seventy percent of the people in Australia live in cities near the coasts. The middle of the country is nearly desserted.The word “desserted” is closest in meaning to ______.
Shares in First National Bank last night stood at $4.80, an increase ______ a third since the beginning of the year. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a report.
Some people argue that the state does not have the right to make parents immunise their children. However, I feel the question is not whether they should immunise but whether they have the right ______. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
for not
haven’t they
not to
should not
Sorry I haven’t written to you _____ I’ve been really busy recently with end-of-term exams.Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a letter.
for ages
for ages, but
since then
Sunny weather can always be depended on in southern countries. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best paraphrases the given sentence.
People can always depend on sunny weather in southern countries.
People should depend on sunny weather in southern countries.
Sunny weather is more reliable than rainy one in sourthern countries.
Whether or not people live in southern contries depends on the sunny weather.
Tell me about your favourite day in your next letter. ______ hear from you soon. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a letter.
Hope to
I look forward to
Write to me
That’s ______ now. I’d better go. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a letter.
all for
anything else
in the end
The alternative view ______ that it is no longer enough merely to possess a standard university degree and practical work experience. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in an essay.
The family has often been regarded as the cornerstone of society. In premodern and modern societies alike it has been seen as the most basic unit of social organization and one which carries out vital tasks, such as socializing children. Which of the following is the best heading for this paragraph?
Families: then and now
The ‘happy family’ model
The function of families
The typical western family
The first silver they used for making their own ornamental items, such as necklaces and bracelets, came from American silver dollars. The word “ornaments” is closest in meaning to ______.
The plank’s form dictated the rigidly frontal view and the low relief. Even its irregular shape must have appealed to Laurent as a break with a long-standing tradition that required a sculptor to work within a perfect rectangle or square. The phrase “a break with” is closest in meaning to ______.
a collapse of
a departure from
a destruction of
a solution to
The popularity of low-calorie diets for females of child-bearing age could also be a factor contributing to the reduction in male births. High-calorie diets have been shown to increase the likelihood of female births.
The rate of inflation _______ the first few months of the year but there’s been a slight fall recently.Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a report.
check_box rose steadily for
gradual increase in
stable during
The Romans washed their hands before and after dinner. Small basins were provided for guests for this purpose, and it was a common practice to drop a flower into the water to make it fragrant. This custome has survived today in many homes and restaurants in which a finger bowl with a flower petal in the water is brought to guests.The modern custom of providing ______ for guests is similar to an ancient Roman custom.
a finger bowl
a flower petal
a small basin
some water
There was a steady rise ______ sales in January and the first half of February, then they fell to 1,000 units in mid March. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a report.
check_box in
This demand for gender choice for parents has led scientists worldwide to investigate gender selection prior to conception. New drugs have been developed that allow parents to choose the sex of their child.
To ______, your advertisement was misleading and I’m most disappointed by the quality of the services provided. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best complete the following sentence in a letter.
sum up
Twelfth Night is a famous ______.  02613_Nghe2_De%20%281%29.mp3[audio]CD7BC0562507EF72776CD100B8435601[/audio]
check_box comedy
Until the 1960s few sociologists questioned the importance or the benefits of family life. Most sociologists assumed that family life was evolving as moderning progressed, and that the changes involved made the family better suited to meeting the needs of society and of family members. A particular type of family, the nuclear family was seen as well adapted to the demands of modern societies.What is the best heading for the paragraph?
New families: beneficial or harmful ?
The ‘happy family’ model
The disappearance of the tradional model
The first criticisms of ‘family’
What are the people mainly discussing?  01607_Nghe1_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]0BB031EB86786A47964B63FA436DAC82[/audio]
check_box Making an intramural basketball team
The steps it takes to register an intramural sports team
The cost of registration to make a team
How many people it takes to play a game
What can be inferred when the professor says, ‘What?’?  04638_Nghe4_De.mp3[audio]9EDFF21740D85A299A8ED189FF2B4640[/audio]
check_box She is surprised by what the student said.
She thinks the student is telling a lie.
She believes the student is joking with her.
She did not hear what the student said.
What does professor Martin say about the student?  04643_Nghe4_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]40535099D50E5D416CDAE42459E93767[/audio]
check_box His writing must cerntainly be improved.
He needs to understand the written questions better.
He needs to do a better job writing questions.
Without the questions, he cannot write the answers.
What does the man imply about the books?  04648_Nghe4_Kho.mp3[audio]DE9DB0A82C2282A12644D044E9644AF0[/audio]
check_box They were inexpensive.
They were free.
He’s going to give them away.
He has to return them soon.
What does the man imply?  04640_Ngh4_De.mp3[audio]918414F18055B42C1DD7A29609E76AED[/audio]
check_box He didn’t go because he was sleeping.
He didn’t miss the committee meeting.
He was unable to fall asleep.
He never returned from class.
What does the man mean?  01604_Nghe1_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]7918110D21AF2EDD9DFE7E704A9C80C6[/audio]
check_box He’d like something to drink.
It’s a good idea to be thirsty.
Stopping for thirty minutes is a good idea.
He’s feeling a little dirty.
What does the man mean?  01605_Nghe1_Kho.mp3[audio]C1538369DD7C4C8B76CEF64909B10D2F[/audio]
check_box He knew the woman would benefit from his advice.
He told the woman to try to get more sleep.
He didn’t expect the woman to listen to him.
He doesn’t remember exactly what he said.
What does the professor intend to explain?  04649_Ngh4_Kho.mp3[audio]C87F8AE2DAB9B9BCA37C1F56E462D3A0[/audio]
check_box How the roots of rye plants develop to such a great length
Why she does not believe that the roots of rye plants extend to 1,000 km
Why mistake made in textbooks was never corrected
How plants grown in water make use of fertilizer
What does the woman imply about her boss?  04644_Nghe4_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]B0DC8EFA78A71B7CD243E40A6A2DF08F[/audio]
check_box He is eager to leave his job.
He is unhappy at the thought of retiring.
He is retiring too soon.
He couldn’t be unhappier about retiring.
What does the woman mean?  01601_Nghe1_De.mp3[audio]97C2D224D111F5E083775D251675C82A[/audio]
check_box She doesn’t need the man’s help.
She wants the man to move the boxes.
She didn’t realize the boxes were empty.
The man have offered his assistance earlier.
What does the woman's house look like now?  02619_Nghe2_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]64382D9F74AE5B1440BCDB1B47248AA1[/audio]
check_box There are no trees or hedges.
There are fewer bedrooms.
There's another bathroom.
There's not a garage any more.
What had the woman assumed about the man?  04645_Nghe4_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]7BA37F5C0EE7E3DE56738D38F26A377D[/audio]
check_box He was still in his old apartment.
He had changed apartment.
He had moved from a house to an apartment.
He did not like his new apartment.
What had the woman assumed?  04639_Nghe4_De.mp3[audio]571CEFB1E17050D6143A61D82A52E14F[/audio]
check_box The dishes would not be done.
The man would do the dishes.
The plates did not need to be washed.
The man would not be ready to go.
What has the daughter forgotten to bring on holiday?  02622_Nghe2_Kho.mp3[audio]7F256DA62892BFB0AA894A8A3A9F4061[/audio]
check_box Her shampoo
Her hairbrush
Her bag
Her suitcase
What is the interviewer’s attitude when she says, ‘I suppose.’?  03631_Nghe3_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]20F17016CEC8FA3410C19762F3C55652[/audio]
check_box Doubt
What is the professor’s attitude toward the situation of the Earth stopping suddenly?  03627_Nghe3_De.mp3[audio]83E98A7E9D13CDA36C07C2CD8A18C335[/audio]
check_box He doubts it would ever happen.
He thinks it would solve a lot of problems.
He finds the problem interesting.
He considers it a real possibility.
What is the talk mainly about?  01603_Nghe2_De.mp3[audio]B70F529D5456204CB5BEBBD57EF24AAD[/audio]
check_box A famous historical person
A famous memory
A famous battle
A famous country
What is the topic of the lecture?  01602_Nghe1_De.mp3[audio]7C74455B1C397B7707BADFBD2681DFAD[/audio]
check_box One model of speech and communication
Adults and children
Present and past information
Biological and psychological filters
What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?  02616_Nghe2_De.mp3[audio]6F519EE6A8707D95C16895D3A1E0C4C7[/audio]
check_box Rainy
What present will the girl receive?  02620_Nghe2_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]7E23033114B9EE89599EAEA909A741D9[/audio]
check_box A new carpet
A holiday abroad
Short stories
A leather suitcase
What time will the train to London leave?  02615_Nghe2_De.mp3[audio]8A5DC9B2C5E15E43C933790EB40511A0[/audio]
check_box 4.50
What will the man and woman do on Sunday?  02623_Nghe2_Kho.mp3[audio]6937F7E990F523B5F1220D2360C1833F[/audio]
check_box Going to the beach
Watching DVDs
Visiting her sister
Reading newspapers
Where will they get something to eat?  02618_Nghe2_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]C461CCD24A8931C7146C9A1E4C849AE4[/audio]
check_box At a service station
At the airport
At a café
At a friend’s house
Why does the professor ask, ‘Have you ever taken a vacation?’  03633_Nghe3_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]91AAFDFD7F1CE5F11CA977F6B1CE8EC3[/audio]
check_box He wants her to think of a specific context.
He is interested in her personal life.
He wants ideas for his next vacation.
He is trying to change the topic of conversation.
Why does the professor mention streams and rivers?  03628_Nghe3_De.mp3[audio]3A38BAB92DB2265169DC8FE2F6B337E7[/audio]
check_box They can carry water in part of the water cycle.
They are where most evaporation occurs.
They are easily affected by rain and snow.
They are good places to test water.
Why does the professor mention the case of Japan after he talks about other industrialized countries such as Sweden, Canada, and the US?  03632_Nghe3_TrungBinh.mp3[audio]9601F4BE63A098F251BC786F044B3064[/audio]
check_box He wants to give the student an example of a case different from the Western trend.
He thinks that Eastern culture is more interesting.
He wants to show how Japan is similar to these industrialized countries.
He would like to influence the student’s perception of culture and marriage.
Why does the professor say this: ‘You might think of longevity as meaning living for a long time, but that is not enough?’?  03626_Nghe3_De.mp3[audio]DF91A16FA7A6615F046E1D0BAB4DEF60[/audio]
check_box To correct a possible misconception by students
To illustrate the oposite of functional longevity
To remind students of a theory taught in a previous class
To prepare students for a different definition
Why does the student go to see the professor?  03636_Nghe3_Kho.mp3[audio]295A9297BC0371F653951B3BD9A96B04[/audio]
check_box To get advice about her graduate school appplication
To prepare for her graduate school interview
To find out if she was accepted into graduate school
To give the professor her graduate school application
With any machine, the use must apply force to move an object. This force is called ‘effort.’ The object being moved also has a force, called ‘resistance.’ To move the object, the effort must be greater than the resistance. Simple machines can multiply the force put on them and change the dirction of that force to easily move objects. The word “them” refers to ______.
effort and resistance
simple machines
You do not have to pay for secondary education in Britain. Choose the option A, B, C or D that best paraphrases the given sentence.
It is unnecessary to go to secondary schools in Britain.
Secondary education is free in Britain.
You mustn’t pay for secondary education in Britain.
Your parents will pay for your secondary education in Britain.

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