Approximately how much metal in orbit in space? Q37.mp3[audio]9484DD33860EC70607805DCCAAEE95A5[/audio]
17,000 pounds
3,000 pounds.
3,000 tons.
300 tons.
How many total pages should be in the paper, including the title page and the reference list? Q42.mp3[audio]6C46851D1545475E3307018731214283[/audio]
In what season of the year will the trip take place? Q43.mp3[audio]AD0815E6E251906148CC1545E3BDBB1B[/audio]
check_box In spring.
In fall.
In summer.
In winter.
This lecture would probably be a part of which course?   Q47.mp3[audio]4C9662DE0DBA02CF693C388D3BF6310F[/audio]
check_box Nineteenth-Century American Literature
American Democracy
Modem American Authors.
United States History
What are the man and the woman discussing? Q35.mp3[audio]E73D9926881911AE92A65BA8BE84BCA3[/audio]
A trip by an astronaut to the Moon.
Becoming space scientists.
The overabundance of garbage on Earth
Trash orbiting Earth.
What are they probably discussing? Q13.mp3[audio]77DE5857389887B541B28865AC7051EE[/audio]
Her reading ability.
The chance to make the headlines
The daily newspaper
The headings for today's reading asignment
What best discribes leaves of grass? Q49.mp3[audio]A1B4AC72B63E06168DAFB497668329E4[/audio]
check_box It’s a volume of poetry that grew with its author.
It’s a collection of twelve poems that remained unchanged
It’s a poem about Abraham Lincoln.
It’s a poem about the author.
What does the man imply? Q23.mp3[audio]E706598A61F14E103D13EB5BF60F1A12[/audio]
He arrived just after the plane took of
He arrived too late to catch the plane
He wasn’t in time to catch the plane.
The plane took off just after he arived
What does the man mean?   Q24.mp3[audio]22D55267A913362F1C1B8BF3F63CE078[/audio]
He agrees with the woman’s suggestion
He thinks they don’t have to pay.
It is not necessary for them to park.
Parking is not free on the weekend
What does the man mean?   Q26.mp3[audio]F54A5544B4C9214C68C621EF2619ED5D[/audio]
He didn’t really want a new car.
He didn't get a new car
He got the car he really wanted.
The car that he got was not his first choice
What does the man mean?   Q27.mp3[audio]76720D0114CB1124056A1CB010C855E7[/audio]
check_box Mr. Drew became head of the new commission.
Mr. Drew pointedly asked the president about the committee.
Mr. Drew was committed to the president’s appointments
The president pointed to Mr. Drew’s head
What does the man mean?   Q6.mp3[audio]51034557C99A8FBADD02DDAD3F76A957[/audio]
All the grades were C or lower.
He thinks he got a good grade.
No one got history grades.
The history grades were all C or above
What does the man mean? Q1.mp3[audio]7BD370B7D572CF553002313084E32304[/audio]
He will collect the exams at 12:00.
He’ll correct the exams this afternoon.
The exam will be at noon.
The tests have not yet been graded.
What does the man mean? Q10.mp3[audio]4D65033F6FDBC9D1A24E2DAD445DC9BE[/audio]
check_box Jane usually visits San Francisco for her vacations.
Jane’s cousin often visits San Francisco.
Whenever there’s a holiday, Jane leaves San Francisco.
Whenever there’s a holiday, Jane's cousin goes to San Francisco.
What does the man mean? Q11.mp3[audio]79CE74E1BC1E24BD8089A8CEC65C4BA9[/audio]
He hopes he won’t eat for weeks.
He wishes he had something tc eat.
He wishes he hadn't eaten so much.
He wishes he weren’t eating.
What does the man mean? Q15.mp3[audio]36960E1C6FB304326EB4CD82BF899839[/audio]
.It's always possible.
It’s not possible to pass the class.
She shouldn't say anything about the class
She'll definitely fail.
What does the man mean? Q2.mp3[audio]EFEEE71AF91FD8C18B1A1C72E598F089[/audio]
Martha applied for a visa last month.
Martha arrived last month without her visa
Martha’s visa was already delivered.
Martha's visa will last for only a month
What does the man mean? Q30.mp3[audio]409FABFB425935B7FB772DC618912574[/audio]
He bought grapes because they were cheaper than cherries
He didn't buy either grapes or cherries because of the price.
He didn't know that grapes were cheaper than cherries
He knew that grapes were cheaper than cherries
What does the man mean? Q4.mp3[audio]4583F1C1F4ACAC366C8560051EAE6652[/audio]
Chuck didn't seem to be doing very well.
Chuck had improved.
Chuck looked at him in the hospital.
This visit was better than the last.
What does the man mean? Q4.mp3[audio]4583F1C1F4ACAC366C8560051EAE6652[/audio]
check_box His health has improved
Chuck had improved.
Chuck looked at him in the hospital.
This visit was better than the last.
What does the man mean? Q7.mp3[audio]3BEE48AFD754CFE3B96BFD6873B62897[/audio]
He parked the car before class at 10:00.
It was impossible to start class by 10:00.
The parking lots were full before 10:00.
The possibility of finding a place to park increased.
What does the man say about Debbie? Q19.mp3[audio]7BBC457C0CBBEFCC57615F1D2BC7B230[/audio]
he’s probably in the apartment
Her purse must not be in the âprtment
She left without taking her purse
She shouldn't leave her purse here.
What does the man say about the cake? Q17.mp3[audio]D3157F634280D26E432D428DFCE4D943[/audio]
He never tasted the cake.
He wished he hadn't tasted the cake.
The cake has never been very good
The cake is extremely good.
What does the man suggest to the woman? Q21.mp3[audio]04885394DB498C9B76B058216DA7BEE4[/audio]
check_box Getting the car repaired.
Fixing the car herself.
Listening to the noises.
Taking the car out for a test drive.
What does the woman hope will happen? Q38.mp3[audio]22ACE468CF8E2897179D3778742C8264[/audio]
Scientists will find solutions to the problem
She will be able to travel in space.
The junk will fall to Earth.
The problem will take care of itself.
What does the woman imply about her boss? Q25.mp3[audio]A603285B0C2BC7EA5D60F5AEF9B3D1FB[/audio]
He couldn’t be unhappier about retiring
He is eager to leave his job.
He is retiring too soon.
He is unhappy at the thought of retiring
What does the woman mean? Q12.mp3[audio]3C1A3E2E3D386F7255C6A616011B05FB[/audio]
check_box She agrees that the traffic is noisy.
She thinks that the traffic should stay outside
She’ll stay outside with the man
Traffic should not be allowed.
What does the woman mean? Q14.mp3[audio]2AEBB1EB0CCCCA24DCAE4EE48F7BD674[/audio]
The bus trip is only five minutes long
The bus was five minutes late.
The man doesn’t have time to waste
The man missed the bus by five minutes
What does the woman mean? Q16.mp3[audio]1263EB672441B8449643DB54DB236F6C[/audio]
check_box She was given money for the rent.
She gave Tom money to pay the rent.
She had some money to lend.
Tom borrowed money for the rent.
What does the woman mean? Q18.mp3[audio]721C4F88B4F820FC94F47789A497607E[/audio]
At the comer she ran into another car.
Carl was running from place to place.
She ran to Carl because she cared.
She unexpectedly met one of herrelatives
What does the woman mean? Q20.mp3[audio]A8A76250FF985DC50CF569C208CBE29F[/audio]
It is important to call the landlordabout rent on the first of the month
The landlord failed to collect rent on head.the first of last month.
The landlord will not fail to collectyour rent on the first of next month.
The tenants absolutely must pay rentby the first of the month
What does the woman mean? Q22.mp3[audio]6C30A06FAA9354B4319D5F89B8E50131[/audio]
It’s better for Martha to have two jobs
It’s easy to hold two jobs.
Martha should slow down
Martha’s jobs are easy.
What does the woman mean? Q28.mp3[audio]FF9C212D2A7A62D1AD7E5553999823A2[/audio]
She felt inferior.
She felt there should have been more fairness
She was extremely angry.
She wasn’t furious.
What does the woman mean? Q3.mp3[audio]8F90CA5996718EA0A9DD914E93CFAEF4[/audio]
The professor described what thestudents should do.
The professor lined up for retirement.
The professor required an outline.
There was a long line to register for the required class.
What does the woman mean? Q5.mp3[audio]C8C9AFADAB0D04391435AAF3A0E098DC[/audio]
It costs too much.
She has more than enough for tuition.
She thinks the tuition should be increased.
The semester’s tuition is quite affordable.
What does the woman mean? Q8.mp3[audio]DD68C1E20BA50EB820F860EDB710E642[/audio]
She would like a hug.
She’s found a new ring.
She’s shopping for a carpet
She’s thankful she has a rag.
What had the woman assumed? Q29.mp3[audio]A714068922D07906BB2D820FBF44015C[/audio]
check_box The dishes would not be done
The man would do the dishes.
The man would not be ready to go
The plates did not need to be washed
What is at the same time as the music departments’s concert?   Q33.mp3[audio]D02F9C56D49F3834F9902704E559CD63[/audio]
A game.
A play.
A study group meeting.
Dinner in the cafeteria
What is the longest and best- known poem by Withman? Q50.mp3[audio]D6ADA2B1D99477BFA38F4D21FC40A7DB[/audio]
check_box "Song of Myself.”
“American Democracy."
“Leaves of Grass."
“When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed.”
What is the most common theme in leaves of grass? Q48.mp3[audio]2B2DDD54DE95A26AA1FC1875518D9F70[/audio]
check_box The beauty of American democracy.
The death of Abraham Lincoln.
The maturity of poetry
The raising of plants
What is the weather like in Hawaii? Q44.mp3[audio]1F496919F2B4CDB2A5E782F053CA7B6E[/audio]
check_box Fairly constant and moderate
Extremely hot year-round.
Seasonable, with warm summers and cold winters.
Very humid.
What is the woman planning to do Saturday? Q31.mp3[audio]A5E7A82D7EDDD7CA6194CDDF9C019318[/audio]
Attend a football game alone.
Eat in the cafeteria and study.
Go to a sporting event
See a play.
What is true about the trade winds? Q45.mp3[audio]0CFBBA941861159D71FAD12E3BE8409D[/audio]
They are the hardest during the night
They come from the southwest
They come most days of the year.
They increase the humidity
What type of references should be used in writing the paper? Q41.mp3[audio]9E2D87B02BD35DF33A71E7626AB9A46B[/audio]
check_box Both books and journals
Books from outside the library.
Books listed in student journals
Journal and magazine articles
What will the people listening to the talk probably doing soon?   Q46.mp3[audio]D286B030B3861ABDB800526DF3F8F4DB[/audio]
Beginning a study of the weather
Buying warm clothes for a trip.
Preparing for a trip.
Writing a report about the weather.
When does the man plan to study? Q34.mp3[audio]27BFC2BA15A7FCF7AA66132394225C7F[/audio]
After dinner in the cafeteria.
Maybe next weekend
Saturday night.
Sunday afternoon.
When does this talk probably take place?   Q39.mp3[audio]AFDC958D64FD5B5CEBC449BCD8CBCB40[/audio]
At the end of class
In the final week of the semester
In the middle of the semester
On the first day of class.
When is the paper due? Q40.mp3[audio]948C4159D46423FE917CDB940F7AC4E3[/audio]
check_box In two weeks.
By Friday of this week
In three weeks
Later today.
Where did the woman learn about this problem? Q36.mp3[audio]7364F3EF892B424500D8BFD1219F0E14[/audio]
check_box On a television program
From a lecture.
In a book.
In a magazine article.
Where does this conversation probably take place? Q9.mp3[audio]8306B04953AB942BB29FEF86CEFD155E[/audio]
check_box In a bank.
In a checkout line.
In a department store.
In an accounting firm.
Why does the man want to go to the football game? Q32.mp3[audio]D525F1D0DA1DC92D4CD800D731A89D9F[/audio]
It’s a very important game.
It’s close to the cafeteria.
It’s the final game of the season.
It's better than the drama departments play.

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